Donate WEAR ORANGE Tee-Shirt

Donate WEAR ORANGE Tee-Shirt

On FRIDAY, June 2,we plan to give every child at the CASTLE program an orange "Being Weird is Cool" shirt in support of "wear orange to raise awareness about gun violence", our stance is POSITIVE SELF-EXPRESSION vs. VIOLENCE (of any kind). We are asking friends and supporters to sponsor a shirt for $10. Your support is GREATLY appreciated! Kids truly embrace "Being Weird is Cool"..... AND "be yourself, STAY TRUE!" (from the song "We Rock!".) The more kids have healthy outlets the better off everyone will be. SPORTS, MUSIC, DANCE, need positive and active things to do and many don't have these options. That's is what we do at Community Rocks! give kids opportunity and options to thrive an become their true wonderful selves.
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